Ask Cindi

How should I go about selecting my residential architect?
Custom home design is a technical, creative and very personal experience. Finding someone who loves to continually learn, loves creative challenges, is solution oriented and will listen attentively is critical. You will be sharing important aspects of your life with them. They will need to listen attentively and execute the plan of your dreams and desires, not theirs. Be sure you like and trust them. Check their reputation, references and interview them personally.
How much will design fees be?
Many factors must be considered in the fees for designing a new home or home remodeling project. These include the difficulty of the site, the size of the home, the exterior and interior style and finishes. Please contact us so that we may ask all of the questions needed to quote you a more precise fee.
How much will it cost to build?
Construction costs vary depending on many factors. The site, size, style and finished materials are only a few factors that influence the cost of construction. Beware of anyone who will quote you construction costs based on square footage or before they know in more detail about your building plans.

How can we be sure our design can be built for our budget?

Vanney-Mac Swain Home Planning works with many builders and suppliers on a regular basis to help determine current costs of materials and construction. These contacts are used to determine a price range for each project.
I need help selecting a contractor. Can you help?
We are happy to work with the builder of your choice, to help you select a qualified builder, or to refer you to someone we have worked with in the past. Copies of the plans will be provided to you for bidding and construction purposes.
How can we start the design process?
First, call us. (920-730-8336) We will talk you through the process and provide tools to move you along from start to finish. We have designed guides and organizational tools to make the process more enjoyable.